The 2nd Law….

Right so the album cover art for Muse’s next album ‘The 2nd Law’ came out today. I don’t know what i think of it really, but after some quick research i’ve found out what it is, apparently. If you don’t want to know and feel it spoils the magic (magic? come on this ain’t a Harry Potter blog), then i’d say skip the rest of this paragraph to avoid the ultimate reveal!……, Okay, it seems to have come from some ‘Laboratory of Neuro Imaging,’ so I could only assume it’s something to do with mapping the neurones which fire in the brain. Or something like that. With the bit at the bottom being the brain stem maybe? Depending on the orientation that could be quite likely. They are definitely keeping up with making the album cover look interesting and colourful, well, ever since ‘The Resistance’ on the colourful front.

The 2nd Law

The fact that the track listing is already out, is a bit ehhh, well i’d prefer it if the track listing was only announced the day the album comes out, keep up the suspense. But it’s understandable seeing as they want to try and get as much hype as possible and get as many sales as possible, and also the tracks were accidentally leaked aswell. I shan’t name them incase you don’t want to know, and it’s probably a good idea seeing as the majority of you won’t care, but i will say that i’m happy with the number of tracks. Finally something which is worth the money i will buy it for.

Now, the first single that’s been released, is the one which has been made into the Olympic official song, although I thought Elbow also has a ‘The’ Olympic song. I guess you can have more than one, yeah, no problem there. But i never would have thought Muse would agree to do a song for the Olympics, their lyrics and style just seem to be more anti government and all that, instead of supporting things like the Olympics. But they can do what they want, I’m just surprised. But i wish it would stop being played on the radio and called the Olympic song, it’s just another Muse song to me. As for what i think of it, not dissimilar to United States of Eurasia. And i’ve only heard it once, I don’t want to get bored of it yet, not until i’ve heard the whole album. I look forward to hearing the style of the second single though, it was announced in the NME, and it shall be named, or is named, ‘Madness.’

Matt Bellamy In The StudioThis may appear to go slightly off topic, but never fear, it is linked. When Coldplay released ‘Viva la Vida or Death and all that,’ i thought ‘hmm this is a bit different, i guess there are some good songs there though.’ So i was a bit dubious before Mylo Xyloto was released, the name itself being more different. And when I heard they had collaborated with Rhianna (shudder) i choose not to buy the album. I don’t want to fund her to create poor music. So it seems Coldplay have turned to the side of more Pop tunes, whereas I liked them before. Perhaps the changing music scene is changing everyone too much. To get to the point, I hope the same hasn’t happened with Muse. The Resistance could be the equivalent of Viva la V, with ‘The 2nd Law’ being the weird changing one which makes me second guess my loyalty to one of my favourite bands. The clip of one of their songs used on the album trailer I believe was using Dubstep elements, and I’m definitly not a fan of that. Only time will tell i guess, if i like the new album, or if i’ll change allegiances.

Here‘s a youtube link to the current single ‘Survival,’ maybe i should have mentioned the song name earlier, ah well. Apologies for the lengthyness, but then again, i suppose it’ll only be the one person reading this whose time i wasted, or didn’t waste, “It’s not a waste of time if you enjoy the time you waste.”…..


One Billion!? Yeah right….

The Olympics, something i quite enjoy watching on the t.v, as always the field events, gymnastics canoeing and a few other things catch my attention and i try to keep my eye on what’s going on. This year it being held in London has been somewhat exhausting and tedious. The amount of times i hear people talking about it and getting excited about it, ‘ooh I’m so excited to go to the Olympics’ a general example of something i may overhear. Just gets on my nerves. I like the Olympics and watching it, it’s just all this hype about it that I can’t stand.

Fish Eye of the Opening Ceremony

Tonight though was the opening ceremony and i thought I’d quite like to see that, I had watched the Beijing opening ceremony in 2008 and seeing as this was in London and i was at a loose end I went down to the local pub with some friends and I watched it in there. Now I don’t want to be another one of these boring people writing the same old thing about the same thing everybody’s going to be blogging about at the moment. So i’ll get this part out of the way first: It was good, it was entertaining, it was pretty cool seeing all the different effects, how they lit the whole seating area, the different set  pieces used, it was good. The highlight must have been Rowan Atkinson.

Right that’s that bit out of the way, now for the majority of the time we were watching this, me and my mate were basically just picking holes and criticising every part of it, mainly just for a laugh, and also it made it more interesting, and to be English and be annoyed about everyone being drones about it all. The amount of times everyone in the pub cheered and clapped was just annoying, you don’t need to do that. A country walks by, everyone cheers, I just look round in utter disbelief…why are you cheering!? The set piece involving Daniel Craig and the Queen was pretty arrogant, but i guess they are just showing off Britishness, but at one point they were using Voldemort from the Harry Potter books, that’s not Britishness, that’s just a book, and If that book gets a big inflatable figure, why doesn’t anything else? At one point I was half expecting a huge cup of tea to rise up from the ground, but alas there was  no such thing. How disappointing.

Clearly I believe the Parachute jump was simply done by cutting in close ups of Daniel Craig and the Queen on the helicopter, then get stunt people dressed as them to actually do the jump, they land somewhere unseen, then just get the Queen to walk out into the stadium from behind a door where she’s been the whole time. That’s just to clear it up for any of you who actually believe the Queen did a parachute jump.

Stating that the man sitting at the desk on a computer (i forget his name) invented the internet, was kind of a bit false though. I’m pretty sure he didn’t invent it. And when i say pretty sure, i mean 100%. It was more of a thing which kind of just evolved into what it is now, he was just part of the team putting it together, i only have a very vague knowledge of this, if anyone wants to correct me, then please do. It also seemed they were crediting the whole of the Industrial age to Isambard Kingdom Brunel, which is wrong, again he was only a part of it. To me it just seemed they were putting a lot of focus on places which didn’t deserve the focus, just to make it seem more of a spectacle. Which they are allowed to have some license in seeing as it is meant to be just entertainment. Perhaps I just moan too much.

One part i was disappointed with was the music, I’m a big Britpop fan, and from what i heard, i could only hear one song from that Era, that being Song 2 by blur, youtube link here. Most of the music which came before that was pretty good i thought, good old 60’s right up to the 90’s. But after that all I heard was rubbish music, apart from maybe that Muse song ‘Uprising’ (here). Come on, now we have better music than what i heard there, I thought Britpop would be a big part, maybe some Oasis tracks, but no, not a sausage. Atleast there was a good cover of Come Together, covered by the Arctic Monkeys.

London 2012 Rings

I heard on the news somewhere that it was estimated that about one billion people would be watching it (great article on this here). One Billion!? Yeah right, if my Facebook news feed is anything to go by (which it’s not, it’s an unfair sample, everyone who is on Facebook most likely has access to the opening ceremony, and the news feed is filled with statuses as there is a huge influx of status’s about the Olympics, so the status’s which aren’t Olympic based don’t get their fair percentage, so it’s quite an unfair sample) then the whole world was watching. Which is obviously an exaggeration I’m aware of. But the amount of updates I found when i got back was unbelievable! Some people even seemed to be keeping live updates coming every 2 minutes. No one cares! We are watching it ourselves most likely!

There are other parts of this that i could rant on about, but I think that’s enough for now. What I do look forward to is hearing the news tomorrow about what people have been complaining about, like which parts they believe offended other people, and other things like that. Mainly controversial issues are the fun ones to listen too, because it’s just hilarious to hear peoples wrong views….

Panic is on the way….

Gas PanicOasis’ (not sure if that apostrophe is right but i’m sure there’s meant to be one somewhere there) song gas panic is quite simply, on my opinion one of the hypest things they have ever put out. I can only be annoyed about how i never managed to get to see them live. More about that kind of thing in another blog maybe. You probably have no idea what that refers to but i do, and i’m the only one here so who cares! But if anyone is out there and of similar like mind to me, i would urge you to listen to ‘gas panic’ it’s just so brilliant. Do the studio version then the live version, and see what you like best, i’m undecided.

If however you are one of these musical retards (excuse my bluntness) who only cares for what is in the charts, and all this terrible hip hop, drum and bass, r and b, boring same 4 chord, unimaginative, producer made, piano vocal, talentless rubbish that has invaded the music industry, then don’t waste your time. The genius of it would be wasted on you, maybe genius is too strong a word, not genius, but it’s brilliant, but you may aswell not even bother finishing to read this post, because it will probably serve to fuel your supreme illogical unthought out arguments which you roll out like dung beetles.

And whats more i don’t even want you to continue following this, your not welcome here, so what else can i do to insult you? I can’t be bothered to waste my time thinking of it right now, but that should just be a good enough reason not to come back. Huh, many blog writers want lots of people to follow them. I seem to be just pushing away the huge majority of people. Ah well at least i’m happy. What does the world care.

So, sorry if you do actually like good music, but listen to that song, i’ll link the studio version here, and the live version here for you. There, minimum work on your part. I’m a nice guy after all….

Homeless Train….

The arrogant title doesn’t describe what i saw today, i did not see a homeless train, i did infact come across a homeless person near the train station.

Whilst out walking in the summer afternoon, thats another thing, at last it is getting summery. I was walking past the train station and going across the pedestrian bridge, a top of it there was a homeless man sitting at the side. I’m still new to seeing homeless people around, and it really makes me err, embarassed/nervous as i walk past them, and ashamed really that i didn’t give him any money. God knows what it must be like. But as i walked past him i began thinking, that if i actually had a job i would have given him some money, currently i’m on the lookout for a job so i’m having to keep an eye on the cash. But then if i had given him money how could i guarantee that it would go towards food and the simple needs, as oppose to alcohol, or cigarettes, or anything else which would be a waste of my money.

So it got me thinking, is it better of giving them vouchers, to ensure it’s spent on the right thing?…

Anyway, later on whilst walking i overheard this overweight chav of a teenage girl, ask another homeless person “Excuse me, are you homeless?” I then heard the homeless person reply something along the lines of “yeah and i haven’t slept in 5 days.” Now, when he said that he sounded very awake and spritely, although it was sunny so i guess anyone would be pretty awake, but i reckon he must have been bending the truth slightly to get some sympathy. Five days without sleep, come on, i’d be knackered. Has he been on pills purposefully doing it? Thats not a serious question by the way, it’s meant to be a joke……

Blog about a blog?….

So, i’ve figured that it’s time to be a (semi) anonymous blog writer person. And i’ve already come across some things about this whole blog thing which are undesirable and probably won’t make sense, partly because i’ve never been good with explaining things. Never ask me for directions, thats all i’ll say about that, i can’t explain or describe to save my life. Especially if my life was threatened, i’m sure it would just get worse. Don’t confuse me for someone who can’t talk normal though. Wait, does it matter? Who cares anyway? Do i care what other people think? Dunno. I digress… 

I did start a blog on blogger, but i didn’t enjoy using it, and after a bit of research i figured i’d rather be using wordpress really. And also i’ve gone off of google a bit. They’re a company i used to be a fan of, but ever since there seems to be a new google logo doodle thing for every single famous person’s (deceased usually) birthday, i started to dislike google. It was good when the logo would change that 1 day in the month, sometimes you would know it’s coming, like for a public holiday, and you would wonder what it would be. And now google is changed, it has this google+ thing, there’s no need, your good enough as a search engine. We don’t need a google browser either, it’s good that there is one, but it’s unnecessary. And now there’s a google laptop!? Why? Admittedly i haven’t looked into it so i can’t really judge it. I do use google chrome though, mainly because i don’t like some of the others. The reason i started on blogger was pretty much because it was the first to come up on a google search (surprise surprise)

Another thing i’ve noticed, this blog spell check thing in blogger didn’t understand that blog is a word. WordPress seems to know that it is definitely a word so it’s got that over blogger.

Atleast making it has been of some ease, just wondering what i’m doing with it, dunno, guess i’ll just wait and see what i do.