Blog about a blog?….

So, i’ve figured that it’s time to be a (semi) anonymous blog writer person. And i’ve already come across some things about this whole blog thing which are undesirable and probably won’t make sense, partly because i’ve never been good with explaining things. Never ask me for directions, thats all i’ll say about that, i can’t explain or describe to save my life. Especially if my life was threatened, i’m sure it would just get worse. Don’t confuse me for someone who can’t talk normal though. Wait, does it matter? Who cares anyway? Do i care what other people think? Dunno. I digress… 

I did start a blog on blogger, but i didn’t enjoy using it, and after a bit of research i figured i’d rather be using wordpress really. And also i’ve gone off of google a bit. They’re a company i used to be a fan of, but ever since there seems to be a new google logo doodle thing for every single famous person’s (deceased usually) birthday, i started to dislike google. It was good when the logo would change that 1 day in the month, sometimes you would know it’s coming, like for a public holiday, and you would wonder what it would be. And now google is changed, it has this google+ thing, there’s no need, your good enough as a search engine. We don’t need a google browser either, it’s good that there is one, but it’s unnecessary. And now there’s a google laptop!? Why? Admittedly i haven’t looked into it so i can’t really judge it. I do use google chrome though, mainly because i don’t like some of the others. The reason i started on blogger was pretty much because it was the first to come up on a google search (surprise surprise)

Another thing i’ve noticed, this blog spell check thing in blogger didn’t understand that blog is a word. WordPress seems to know that it is definitely a word so it’s got that over blogger.

Atleast making it has been of some ease, just wondering what i’m doing with it, dunno, guess i’ll just wait and see what i do.


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