Homeless Train….

The arrogant title doesn’t describe what i saw today, i did not see a homeless train, i did infact come across a homeless person near the train station.

Whilst out walking in the summer afternoon, thats another thing, at last it is getting summery. I was walking past the train station and going across the pedestrian bridge, a top of it there was a homeless man sitting at the side. I’m still new to seeing homeless people around, and it really makes me err, embarassed/nervous as i walk past them, and ashamed really that i didn’t give him any money. God knows what it must be like. But as i walked past him i began thinking, that if i actually had a job i would have given him some money, currently i’m on the lookout for a job so i’m having to keep an eye on the cash. But then if i had given him money how could i guarantee that it would go towards food and the simple needs, as oppose to alcohol, or cigarettes, or anything else which would be a waste of my money.

So it got me thinking, is it better of giving them vouchers, to ensure it’s spent on the right thing?…

Anyway, later on whilst walking i overheard this overweight chav of a teenage girl, ask another homeless person “Excuse me, are you homeless?” I then heard the homeless person reply something along the lines of “yeah and i haven’t slept in 5 days.” Now, when he said that he sounded very awake and spritely, although it was sunny so i guess anyone would be pretty awake, but i reckon he must have been bending the truth slightly to get some sympathy. Five days without sleep, come on, i’d be knackered. Has he been on pills purposefully doing it? Thats not a serious question by the way, it’s meant to be a joke……


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