One Billion!? Yeah right….

The Olympics, something i quite enjoy watching on the t.v, as always the field events, gymnastics canoeing and a few other things catch my attention and i try to keep my eye on what’s going on. This year it being held in London has been somewhat exhausting and tedious. The amount of times i hear people talking about it and getting excited about it, ‘ooh I’m so excited to go to the Olympics’ a general example of something i may overhear. Just gets on my nerves. I like the Olympics and watching it, it’s just all this hype about it that I can’t stand.

Fish Eye of the Opening Ceremony

Tonight though was the opening ceremony and i thought I’d quite like to see that, I had watched the Beijing opening ceremony in 2008 and seeing as this was in London and i was at a loose end I went down to the local pub with some friends and I watched it in there. Now I don’t want to be another one of these boring people writing the same old thing about the same thing everybody’s going to be blogging about at the moment. So i’ll get this part out of the way first: It was good, it was entertaining, it was pretty cool seeing all the different effects, how they lit the whole seating area, the different set  pieces used, it was good. The highlight must have been Rowan Atkinson.

Right that’s that bit out of the way, now for the majority of the time we were watching this, me and my mate were basically just picking holes and criticising every part of it, mainly just for a laugh, and also it made it more interesting, and to be English and be annoyed about everyone being drones about it all. The amount of times everyone in the pub cheered and clapped was just annoying, you don’t need to do that. A country walks by, everyone cheers, I just look round in utter disbelief…why are you cheering!? The set piece involving Daniel Craig and the Queen was pretty arrogant, but i guess they are just showing off Britishness, but at one point they were using Voldemort from the Harry Potter books, that’s not Britishness, that’s just a book, and If that book gets a big inflatable figure, why doesn’t anything else? At one point I was half expecting a huge cup of tea to rise up from the ground, but alas there was  no such thing. How disappointing.

Clearly I believe the Parachute jump was simply done by cutting in close ups of Daniel Craig and the Queen on the helicopter, then get stunt people dressed as them to actually do the jump, they land somewhere unseen, then just get the Queen to walk out into the stadium from behind a door where she’s been the whole time. That’s just to clear it up for any of you who actually believe the Queen did a parachute jump.

Stating that the man sitting at the desk on a computer (i forget his name) invented the internet, was kind of a bit false though. I’m pretty sure he didn’t invent it. And when i say pretty sure, i mean 100%. It was more of a thing which kind of just evolved into what it is now, he was just part of the team putting it together, i only have a very vague knowledge of this, if anyone wants to correct me, then please do. It also seemed they were crediting the whole of the Industrial age to Isambard Kingdom Brunel, which is wrong, again he was only a part of it. To me it just seemed they were putting a lot of focus on places which didn’t deserve the focus, just to make it seem more of a spectacle. Which they are allowed to have some license in seeing as it is meant to be just entertainment. Perhaps I just moan too much.

One part i was disappointed with was the music, I’m a big Britpop fan, and from what i heard, i could only hear one song from that Era, that being Song 2 by blur, youtube link here. Most of the music which came before that was pretty good i thought, good old 60’s right up to the 90’s. But after that all I heard was rubbish music, apart from maybe that Muse song ‘Uprising’ (here). Come on, now we have better music than what i heard there, I thought Britpop would be a big part, maybe some Oasis tracks, but no, not a sausage. Atleast there was a good cover of Come Together, covered by the Arctic Monkeys.

London 2012 Rings

I heard on the news somewhere that it was estimated that about one billion people would be watching it (great article on this here). One Billion!? Yeah right, if my Facebook news feed is anything to go by (which it’s not, it’s an unfair sample, everyone who is on Facebook most likely has access to the opening ceremony, and the news feed is filled with statuses as there is a huge influx of status’s about the Olympics, so the status’s which aren’t Olympic based don’t get their fair percentage, so it’s quite an unfair sample) then the whole world was watching. Which is obviously an exaggeration I’m aware of. But the amount of updates I found when i got back was unbelievable! Some people even seemed to be keeping live updates coming every 2 minutes. No one cares! We are watching it ourselves most likely!

There are other parts of this that i could rant on about, but I think that’s enough for now. What I do look forward to is hearing the news tomorrow about what people have been complaining about, like which parts they believe offended other people, and other things like that. Mainly controversial issues are the fun ones to listen too, because it’s just hilarious to hear peoples wrong views….


5 thoughts on “One Billion!? Yeah right….

  1. It was interesting to read from your British perspective, my feelings were so similar, the greatest observation for me was the technology and the ability to gather that many volunteers and coordinate them…it is fun to read with you in your thought process.

    • Thanks, and yeah i totally agree that it is miraculous how they managed to coordinate the whole thing and all the logistics which went along with it, without any major noticeable cock-ups (that i could see anyway).

  2. They always seem to over hype the olympics but if they didn’t who would watch? haha. The only thing I am really interested in watching is Basketball. But they blow up the Michael Phelps story and then I become interested in swimming. You have to love how the news spins things.

    • Yeah, exactly, they want to build up hype to please the sponsors, let people know that they can watch it all and all that. It seems to be the way the world works, and as an off-shoot that comes with that there are always gonna people moaning about something, I am one of them.
      The news will always only focus on the material people are interested in, which is fair enough, they want to sell the newspapers, so they get the popular stories, but then that leaves other sports in the shadow a bit, which can be unfair. But again, that seems to be how the world works, life is never fair.
      Apologies if that sounds depressing and all that.

      • Oh no need to apologize its the brutally honest truth and you can never go wrong with the truth. After hearing what the athletes make for winning medals it makes me want to get into the business of being an Olympian. What I least like about the Olympics is when the news put a spin off of the competition and relates it to politics.

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