The 2nd Law….

Right so the album cover art for Muse’s next album ‘The 2nd Law’ came out today. I don’t know what i think of it really, but after some quick research i’ve found out what it is, apparently. If you don’t want to know and feel it spoils the magic (magic? come on this ain’t a Harry Potter blog), then i’d say skip the rest of this paragraph to avoid the ultimate reveal!……, Okay, it seems to have come from some ‘Laboratory of Neuro Imaging,’ so I could only assume it’s something to do with mapping the neurones which fire in the brain. Or something like that. With the bit at the bottom being the brain stem maybe? Depending on the orientation that could be quite likely. They are definitely keeping up with making the album cover look interesting and colourful, well, ever since ‘The Resistance’ on the colourful front.

The 2nd Law

The fact that the track listing is already out, is a bit ehhh, well i’d prefer it if the track listing was only announced the day the album comes out, keep up the suspense. But it’s understandable seeing as they want to try and get as much hype as possible and get as many sales as possible, and also the tracks were accidentally leaked aswell. I shan’t name them incase you don’t want to know, and it’s probably a good idea seeing as the majority of you won’t care, but i will say that i’m happy with the number of tracks. Finally something which is worth the money i will buy it for.

Now, the first single that’s been released, is the one which has been made into the Olympic official song, although I thought Elbow also has a ‘The’ Olympic song. I guess you can have more than one, yeah, no problem there. But i never would have thought Muse would agree to do a song for the Olympics, their lyrics and style just seem to be more anti government and all that, instead of supporting things like the Olympics. But they can do what they want, I’m just surprised. But i wish it would stop being played on the radio and called the Olympic song, it’s just another Muse song to me. As for what i think of it, not dissimilar to United States of Eurasia. And i’ve only heard it once, I don’t want to get bored of it yet, not until i’ve heard the whole album. I look forward to hearing the style of the second single though, it was announced in the NME, and it shall be named, or is named, ‘Madness.’

Matt Bellamy In The StudioThis may appear to go slightly off topic, but never fear, it is linked. When Coldplay released ‘Viva la Vida or Death and all that,’ i thought ‘hmm this is a bit different, i guess there are some good songs there though.’ So i was a bit dubious before Mylo Xyloto was released, the name itself being more different. And when I heard they had collaborated with Rhianna (shudder) i choose not to buy the album. I don’t want to fund her to create poor music. So it seems Coldplay have turned to the side of more Pop tunes, whereas I liked them before. Perhaps the changing music scene is changing everyone too much. To get to the point, I hope the same hasn’t happened with Muse. The Resistance could be the equivalent of Viva la V, with ‘The 2nd Law’ being the weird changing one which makes me second guess my loyalty to one of my favourite bands. The clip of one of their songs used on the album trailer I believe was using Dubstep elements, and I’m definitly not a fan of that. Only time will tell i guess, if i like the new album, or if i’ll change allegiances.

Here‘s a youtube link to the current single ‘Survival,’ maybe i should have mentioned the song name earlier, ah well. Apologies for the lengthyness, but then again, i suppose it’ll only be the one person reading this whose time i wasted, or didn’t waste, “It’s not a waste of time if you enjoy the time you waste.”…..


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