Only 2 weeks tops….

It seems we have recently become inundated with new household names over this past summer of sport. When i say ‘we’ i’m referring to us Brits, i have no idea what it’s like in other countries, i guess it would just be the equivalent kind of thing. But it just seems like sport is the big thing to be writing about now, it will get the papers selling and it will get scepticism at the other end of the scale. I know even writing this i feel incredibly hypocritical but it just annoys me the amount of stuff about the Olympics there is, and now even I am using it, but partly because i can’t think of anything else and it’s about time to do another post. It makes me feel ashamed but the Olympics sell. Well, you would have thought so, but many business in the UK are flailing due to the London Games, but that’s a whole other story, all I’ll say is if you want to know about that and can be bothered listening to a radio thing, then here‘s a link to the Jeremy Vine show in which he covered the topic quickly, don’t knwo if it’s available everywhere though, if not then sorry about that. I digress…

Anyway, back to my point, how long will these new household names will last? Will we forget about them by next year or will they continue to be well known and stay in the limelight. Well I guess a lot of that depends on what happens in the media…again!

Here are some of the new names which i have heard being used a lot more than they should be, Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah, Victoria Pendleton, Bradley Wiggins, and not so much Rebecca Adlington. Fair enough it’s the Olympics and it’s only every 4 years, and yes fair enough Bradley Wiggins was the first Brit to win the Tour de France for 1000 years, and i don’t mind the media picking up on it either, maybe a little annoyed, but it’s their job and if they didn’t do that then I don’t think people would be overly happy. But then again thinking on the opposite end of the scale there probably are lots of people who aren’t getting a look into just because their sport isn’t popular and they aren’t winning even though they have made it to compete in the Olympics. But then again, if the media focussed on everything it would just be too much for us, so it’s just the way the world works really. So yeah it’s not that which annoys me, what does annoy me is that everyone wants to talk about it now (being hypocritical again, kind of).

I see on social media sites every night people showing their – what they call – support for the athletes. How posting a status update containing an athletes name is support i have no idea. The thing is doing these updates doesn’t make a single god damn difference, nothing is going to come of it…what?…you say your socialising?…oh i’m sorry i must have accidentally mistaken it for arseholery. Not everybody cares what you think about sport on the TV, some people might even want to watch it later and you ruined it for them. “MO FAHAR YOU LEG-END!!” That seriously is quote from one of my “friends” on facebook, their need to tell the world of what most people who care already know is so great that they clearly forgot that the caps lock key was on, and that his name is clearly not Fahar.

Jessica Ennis, New household name, how long will it last? Well how long do the Olympics last?

At this moment in time these people are the big names, and i can forsee many a breakfast TV show appearance and guest appearances for the next 2 weeks tops, before they are quickly swept under the carpet, and the next big event sweeps over the top. So what i guess i’m saying is, actually i have no idea what i’m saying, maybe something along the lines of people pretend they care about it just to show that they do, when really they will just forget about them in a couple of weeks and carry on with their normal lives, i dunno, it’s difficult to get my brain on paper. You try and figure it out. I reckon this enigma will be harder to crack than ‘The’ Enigma code.


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