Glastonbury 2013 is n-n-n-n-now….

Glastonbury Festival 2013. The line-up today has been announced. The headliners don’t seem to have been properly confirmed, I’m going to guess it’s just the first 3 bands appearing on the bill for the main stage. These top three are: Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones and Mumford & Sons. I had heard that The Rolling Stones were strongly rumoured to be headlining, and now this has been confirmed i think that you will be getting a lot of older people making the pilgrimage to Glastonbury. That night could also prove to be a very rocking night, so long as the boys remember to take their old man medication. Arctic Monkeys are another rock band on the top of the bill, they had their cover of The Beatles’ Come Together played at the olympic opening ceremony 250 years ago now. Perhaps it will make a return this night. And Mumford & Sons, I think we can say the evenings will be packed with guitars around the pyramid stage.


If you’ve seen the website for the Glastonbury Festival, you will have found that it has been severely reduced to simply one webpage. If i remembered some of the web addresses for the other pages on that site i would have tried to see if they have actually been taken down or if the links have just disappeared. Either way this drastically simplifies the website and it must be a way of keeping the website up and running. The last thing they want on announcement night is the website to crash and no one getting access to the website. I say good plan.

The poster for it for this year also looks incredibly oldschool. And thinking about it that definitely is a good thing, no one wants another rubbish arty piece of crap thats trying to be more than it is. Some ridiculous art student drop out taken up to draw up a poster. Nah, I’m glad this poster is simple. Goes back to the oldschool way of doing it. And what with Glastonbury being the longest running festival in England its a great way of advertising the event, and thats not sarcastic.


For me the line-up could have been better, but that’s just me, I thought there could have been chances for Muse to be there, or some other bands that I like, but hey oh well. Garunteed the event will still sell-out after the April ticket resale begins. It would be something that everyone should go to at some point. A lot festivals these days seem to have turned into just events where teenagers go to celebrate exam results. Which has completely put me off going so much. The only way to avoid them is to go somewhere a little more far away, remote, smaller.

Anyway, with the Glastonbury festival taking place at the very end of June it sure should be exciting for whoever is going. Shame music these days has turned to shit.


Playstation 4 late showing….

It feels as though the moment has passed now, almost like when you think of a good come back against someone about 30 seconds after they’ve just done you.  But I’m going to post about it anyway. What on Earth were Sony doing when they did that whole Playstation 4 thing!? Oh no wait, sorry, oh my God! The Playstation 4 looks like totes amazeballs like, the share button, like oh my god, I cannot believe it. I’m going to upload like a million videos to YouTube of me and my mates, like I’m going to be so famous.

God, all they’ve done is shown the controller for the console and already it has gotten me completely pissed off. What the hell do they think they are doing!? Can’t they see that this is just going to have and Inverse Midas effect? i.e.: Everything turning to shit. So begins the social media way of the consoles. I pray that Microsoft see some sense and avoid it with the Xbox 720.


The prototype, personally, I prefer it

So basically Sony were showing off the new Playstation 4, and they didn’t even show the console! What? Is it too good for our eyes? Or is it so ugly you don’t want to show it at all, not until we get it into our homes in an unmarked white box, open it up and find an ugly mass of black plastic and chrome. As if a child has thrown some black play-doh at the floor and a Sony designer has seen it and thought it was a work of art. I digress… They may not have shown the console because they didn’t see it as important, focusing more on the game play and graphics thinking that will impress us, well, yeah I’m impressed. But you missed your point. Unless they just want to drag it out to increase interest, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

The controller that they showed us had the usual, wireless, dual shock, x 0 triangle square; up down left right, all the buttons. But wait, there’s new buttons and different things. There’s a small touch screen area right in the middle. And to accommodate this display the controller has taken on a…well sort of rectangular shape. It looks a bit odd, I’m sure we will all get used to it, but I don’t think I will ever get used to the other addition they’ve made. Before that though, why on earth have they added this touch screen? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it I say. But then again, multinationals like to say “if it ain’t broke, break it.”


The share button will allow players to instantly share their game play online with their friends. How this will work I don’t really know, but it will probably be rubbish. The last thing we need online is a whole load of amateurs with instant and easy access to posting videos online. But hopefully the way of the world will beat them back down, as no one watches these rubbish wanabe online celebs, and the people who actually put proper effort into creating videos will not be detremented too much.

The last thing that has been added that I can remember, seems to be a flashing LED light at the back of the controller, something to do with the console knowing where the controller is, and also they thought they need to break it some more, I mean come on, they clearly thought “we can make this shitter, hmmm, make it more natural to hold? No. How about a light on the back? Perfect!” Yes, I know, it’s shit.

The real controller

The real controller

I always thought that with the next generation of consoles they would focus more on game play instead of graphics. Although 8GB RAM is pretty cool. I just hope it doesn’t just look good, it needs to play good, without that you’ve got nothing. So there’s a lot riding on this. I look forward seeing videos of game play appearing on YouTube.

The global phenomenon of sharing….

I have recently made the decision to include sharing buttons at the end of each new post. It has been a hard decision to make, but i felt it was necessary to continue this and making it easier to get out to the people who want to be got out to. Let me explain why it has been a difficult decision:

I’m not a fan of facebook, i have always been a little bit dubious about it, and especially now over the past year it had really taken hold and that’s something which i want back. Free time. As a child i could get by without the internet no problem, it was a luxury. Nowadays it seems to be a necessity, what with it now being a right to have access to the internet, and the fact that so much is done on it now, job applications, events, general keeping in contact with people. It has become the next level of communication. With that came advertisements, but i’ll leave that for now, don’t want to stray to far from my point. Getting back to the facebook point, I admire those who have easy access to it, but choose not to use it, they may also have a profile, which is empty. Good on them, good on you, you’ve done what i could not, and managed to keep you life normal and you can do what you want without this overshadowing dark mass. I wish i could do that, i try but i fail.

I don’t like the way we are now bombarded by people sharing things that they like (no one really cares what you are doing, they just want to see things, and then make themselves known, everyone only cares about themselves online), and the fact that there seems to be a facebook like/share button on all the websites with high traffic, as if prompting you to do so, and to be ‘social.’ I think i can decide for myself thanks, if i want to copy and paste the url then I will, i’m not so lazy that all i can only be bothered to click a little button. It really annoys me. And this is one of the reasons i’ve regretted adding it into my own blog, i’m being very hippo-critical.

There are some people who are really terrible with making websites, even when they are given a simple template to fill, (like in wordpress) they fail to get house colour schemes correct, and just generally seem to have no idea how to make a page look neat and good, (you’ll see them from time to time, and usually they post blogs about what an amazing time they have had doing something somewhere). I’m not saying mine isn’t like that, i’m not a webpage designer, but i’ve tried to make it have some form of continuity. At the end of some blog posts i’ve seen there has been every single kind of share button activated at the bottom, which just looks a complete mess, and no one wants to see that. I don’t want to be one of those people.


I’ve seen worse, this is just a quick example of too many buttons.

Funnily enough as i’ve reached the end of this post, i think i’ve changed my mind, i’ve persuaded myself against doing what i’ve already done. By having it here i am going against everything i’ve just said, and why should i do that just because i want to find people, people can get by without it. So if your reading this, then there won’t be any share buttons at the bottom, it is not hard to copy and paste the url, if you really want to. The majority of people don’t anyway so there seems to be no point whatsoever in including these, unless i can be persuaded otherwise?

Blog about a blog?….

So, i’ve figured that it’s time to be a (semi) anonymous blog writer person. And i’ve already come across some things about this whole blog thing which are undesirable and probably won’t make sense, partly because i’ve never been good with explaining things. Never ask me for directions, thats all i’ll say about that, i can’t explain or describe to save my life. Especially if my life was threatened, i’m sure it would just get worse. Don’t confuse me for someone who can’t talk normal though. Wait, does it matter? Who cares anyway? Do i care what other people think? Dunno. I digress… 

I did start a blog on blogger, but i didn’t enjoy using it, and after a bit of research i figured i’d rather be using wordpress really. And also i’ve gone off of google a bit. They’re a company i used to be a fan of, but ever since there seems to be a new google logo doodle thing for every single famous person’s (deceased usually) birthday, i started to dislike google. It was good when the logo would change that 1 day in the month, sometimes you would know it’s coming, like for a public holiday, and you would wonder what it would be. And now google is changed, it has this google+ thing, there’s no need, your good enough as a search engine. We don’t need a google browser either, it’s good that there is one, but it’s unnecessary. And now there’s a google laptop!? Why? Admittedly i haven’t looked into it so i can’t really judge it. I do use google chrome though, mainly because i don’t like some of the others. The reason i started on blogger was pretty much because it was the first to come up on a google search (surprise surprise)

Another thing i’ve noticed, this blog spell check thing in blogger didn’t understand that blog is a word. WordPress seems to know that it is definitely a word so it’s got that over blogger.

Atleast making it has been of some ease, just wondering what i’m doing with it, dunno, guess i’ll just wait and see what i do.