And it’s GO, GO, GO….

Formula One season is back! And this year I am determined more than ever to try and follow it. Every single year for as long as I’ve been into F1, must be coming onto 10 years or so snow, I’ve started following it then accidentally missed race after race after race. Or had the news reveal the result before I managed to see it, because it goes out at 2 o’clock in the morning. At least give me time to watch it in the day before you unleash the hellish words on me, “And now in sport, ______ has won the _______ grand prix!” So many times I’ve heard those agonising words. Ahhh, global news….

The first two races of the season, Australia and Malaysia were actually pretty good, especially the Malaysian one. And if controversy is what you love then you will be a very happy person after last weekend. This whole team orders thing seems to be focussed on more than it needs to be, but then again, what else is there to report about F1 news over these next three weeks until the next race?


Vettel was ordered by his team not to overtake his team mate Webber who was leading, whether or not that was for fear of taking both cars out or another reason I don’t know, but those were the orders. Vettel says he heard them, but didn’t remember them as he tightly squeezed past his team mate, at one point almost eliminating himself from the race along with a portion of concrete pit wall.

It is perfectly legal for teams to give out team orders, but the drivers can choose to either follow them or not, obviously if they choose not to follow them then that probably not going to go down well with the team so you want to follow them really. So Vettel should not be penalised any more than he will be by his own team.


On another note, there were no major crashes or accidents in either race that I can remember, and we all know that is one of the major reasons for a lot of us to watch, so that we can see these spectacular crashes. There was an exciting moment with Alonso losing his front wing underneath his car while going over 150mph which was really crazy to see. And it was a rainy start to the race too, which added to the excitment, would have been great if it had kept raining, although not great for the drivers it is very good to watch.

As for the BBC, I congratulate them, their broadcasts of the race weekends are so so much better than what ITV used to do. Especially as there are no adverts, can you believe that ITV put adverts in the middle of the F1! They wouldn’t put adverts in the middle of Football oh no, but F1 no fuck ’em lets cram in adverts every 10 minutes.

Formula One season carries on for ages, I’m definitely looking forward to it for the rest of this year, there are guaranteed to be some amazing races yet to come, there’s never a year when there aren’t.